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Are you in the fashion industry or a brand looking for representation here on Bows&Beau-ties?
Please send an email to inquire about my rates with either "Fashion Industry Feature" or "Brand Feature" in the subject line. 
Include what you do in the fashion industry or a bit about your brand, where you are based, and samples of your work (with either photos or links).
I love working and collaborating with brands and other bloggers. To get an idea about my writing and personal style please explore my blog and social media pages.
Interested in:  Writing, Modeling, Event Planning, Styling, Blogging, and Social Media.
Media kit, resume, or portfolio available upon request .

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  1. Hi, I have nominated you for the Liebster award. I think your blog is great. If you want to do it look at the Liebster award post on my blog and you'll see what you need to do Aimee Fawcett x


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