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Hey Fashionable Guys&Girls!

This week, I'm excited to share the dapper Chicago brand, JoJo&Sofia. The brand sells reconstructed tie clips, cuff links, and pocket squares (and some women's accessories) The men's accessories have a modern take on old Playboy club and Mad Men's classy style and would fit right in-
"a world where men know style, enjoy the finer things in life like a good cigar, scotch, and cufflinks. A place where men dine, and get adorned in one of a kind accessories."

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JoJo&Sofia is named after my two grandmothers. I love vintage and love bringing an old treasure back to life and back being worn in a unique way. Vintage is one of a kind as it is but transforming it makes it even more special. I think the vintage revival look my pieces capture have you looking modern, put together, but still has a touch of the past. 
I started the company almost 2 years ago solely making tie clips. I loved the functionality of a tie clip but also the statement it allows a modern gentleman to have. Men don't have nearly as many options as women and I wanted to create pieces that men wanted to wear that spoke to them and showed their personality without breaking the bank and looking like a grandpa.
-Sarah Sebastian , designer of JoJo&Sofia 

It's nearly impossible to choose favourites from an entire shop of gorgeous pieces, but I do think the Bull Dogs are pretty adorable.

1. Bull Dog tie Clip (US$38)
2. Sterling Bull Dog Cuff Links (US$150)
3. Brass Bull Dog Cuff Links (US$60)

Or show some Chicago love with these Vintage Illinois Map Cuff Links (US$35). And own the bold print trend with the Tribal Pocket Square (US$30).

JoJo and Sofia, Chicago, tie clips, cuff links, pocket square

Stay Fabulous,
xoxo Aimee 


  1. I need to tell my husband about this brand!

  2. Lovely brand! Inspirational post!
    Kisses from Miami!

  3. You've created beautiful pieces for men. They are gorgeous.

  4. I love this! I should get one for my boyfriend!


  5. I love incorporating vintage looks into my wardrobe. I've always said I would more than likely get a vintage ring when I get married.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  6. Oh, well dressed men are the best, I love the tie clip, they are so sassy. Sadly bf doesn't have a job that requires a suit so I can buy him these things!

    Em x

  7. Wow what a gorgeous brand. If only I had a boyfriend or a brother that dressed classy. Maybe I'll just buy things from it for my brother in an attempt to help him dress better.

  8. Beautiful collection, love the tribal pocket square.


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