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Hey Fashionable Guys&Girls!

I bet you probably noticed that subtle preppy prints are trending so much this season. And I am loving it so much as I often dream of holidaying in the Hamptons, Cape Cod, and Martha's Vineyard. The small prints are a subdued alternative to the bold prints, like florals. The preppy prints can be pretty much anything from dogs, tennis racquets,  or.. bananas.

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  1. Vineyard Vines Whale Embroidered Club Shorts (US$98.50) in 'rhubarb'. I think we could all use some more happy whale printed shorts in our lives- right?
  2. Polo Ralph Lauren Suffield Embroidered Shorts (US$98) in 'blue/vintage white'. In these tennis racquet embroidered shorts you can just pretend you have some mad tennis skills. And they're totally cute.
  3. Polo Ralph Lauren Critter Chino Shorts (US$98) in 'warm beige'. How can you resist these adorable hound dogs?
  4. Vineyard Vines Embroidered Anchor Club Shorts (US$98.50) in khaki. Great for afternoons dreaming of sailing.
  5. Ralph Lauren Embroidered Chino Short (US$98) in navy. See, more whales- there was a serious lack of embroidered whale shorts.
  6. Abercrombie&Fitch Moose Print Shorts (US$58) in red. A&F got on-trend with the subtle details with iconic moose print.
  7. Polo Ralph Lauren Greenwich Embroidered Shorts (US98) in both 'pale caribbean'/sailboats and 'soft sky'/birds. The 'pale caribbean' is close in colour to this season's mint, but I love the shorts in both print (well maybe the sailboats more..)
  8. Abercrombie Whale Print Shorts (US$58) in navy. I have now possibly gone overboard with the whales, but great job to all three brands on stepping up to bring the obviously very necessary whales.
All Vineyard Vines and Ralph Lauren shorts are prep fit which hit just above the knee. The Abercrombie&Fitch pairs are classic fit which hit just at the knee.

Stay Fabulous,
xoxo Aimee 


  1. Ah the shorts with the little dogs is soooo cute!!

    Ali of

  2. I love these cute animal patterns I've been seeing lately! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Love this post dear, great style!!!

  4. I've always loved preppy prints! They're so cute & classy!

  5. I haven't noticed this trend before, but it's super nice thanks for sharing!

    Lots of love,

  6. wow thanks so much for visting my blog and for your lovely comment =)


  7. love them

  8. Love, love, love this post! Just discovered your blog from a link you left in a comment somewhere. I'm now your newest follower!!!

  9. Aaaah yes please!!! Haha LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    The Sitch on Fitch

  10. I just love these embroidered shorts.Looks so awesome for men's clothing,I also recommend
    for good embroidery.


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