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Hey Fashionable Guys&Girls!

I admit it-- I sometimes watch reality tv (but if we're being honest here, I think we all do sometimes ;)). One show I'm glad I watched last year is Mrs. Eastwood & Company and not because of anyone in the family, but Francesca Eastwood's then boyfriend (unsure of current status), Tyler Shields. Whether you liked him or not on the show, his photography is interesting for sure. He began as a music video director and then started art and celebrity photography out of LA. His photography is often darker, setting it apart from some other celebrity/fashion photographers. He also has a rather critical point of view of money and materialism.

Tyler Shields, photographer, Suspense
Some of his latest collection- "Suspense"

In the following destruction shots of a Birkin and pair of Louboutins, Shields had meant to show that these luxury items from brands that many hold very highly are simply things. But spending the money to destroy the items didn't exactly help anyone other than provide for intriguing photos. If the real reason was simply to provoke a lot of attention- it worked. 

"There is a difference between materialism and just appreciating luxury goods as fine craftsmanship." (C.E.R)

Tyler Shields, Hermes, Birkin bag, photographer
Not the Birkin! :(

Tyler Shields, Louboutin, photographer
The Louboutin! :(

Tyler Shields, Emma Roberts, money, photographer

What do you think? Too far or nice message?

Tyler Shields, water, Mouthful, photographer, red lipstick
From his "Mouthful" collecion.

Tyler Shields, Mouthful, smoke, red lipstick
Also from his "Mouthful" collection.

As bad as I feel for the Birkin and Louboutins, I can't help but be drawn to his collections.

Stay Fabulous,
xoxo Aimee 


  1. I did watch that show!!! It was interesting what he did!

  2. I think there's no point in art if it doesn't create some sort of a feeling, be it positive of negative. Personally I love it when art makes me feel angry or sad about stuff, as did the Louboutin burn. As long as it doesn't hurt anyone physically, it's not too far in my opinion :)

    Lots of love,

  3. he's good! sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get your point across! hahaha as a blogger i use props (they're just wayyyyyy less expensive). so i understand.

  4. These phots are great, pretty post!

  5. Haha I did see a few episodes. Yes his photography can be interesting I guess, but he still strikes me as a spoiled, indulged, self involved and self righteous brat. An angsty rich white male with too much time and money on his hands. He can afford to be cynical about money and materialism he's rich! Back in the day we called these types trustafarians. And with the photography it is ok, but feel like I have seen it before. There is just so much talent out there and work that is much more authentic. On a lighter note I nominated you for a Liebster Award check out may post today.

    Ali of

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  7. Oh wow, I've never heard of him but I'm intrigued! Very cool.

  8. Very interesting. I hadn't heard of him or the tv show. I am going to google now.


  9. Haha I also watched that show. There is just something about summertime and watching reality tv. I think his photographs can be really beautiful or really over the top like the Birkin and Louboutin photos.

  10. I have mixed emotions on tyler's work... Xo Megan,

  11. Love this "disintegration" of fashion. It's a way to make to see something new of the products!

  12. I think the photos are pretty rad <3




  13. So lovely to be quoted on your wonderful blog. Love ya!

    The Sitch on Fitch


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