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Hey Fashionable Guys&Girls!

We've all seen bolts of fabric, like cotton or nylon, in the stores, but what about putting together the fabric yourself? I have a few friends that are fabulous at knitting and it's pretty impressive to someone that has barely held knitting needles, let alone, try using them. Knitting can be done with machines or more often- by hand, and there are a few methods of that too.

You can knit with pretty much anything from wool, angora, cashmere, bamboo, and linen/cotton. Wool knit winter scarves are always so cozy and cute, but my favourite knit items are always open-knit sweaters. Warm layered over a button down or light layered over a bralette or tank top, they're awesome all year. Or wear them as beach cover ups.

1. Helmut Lang Open-knit linen sweater 2. Diane Von Furstenberg Raylee Open-Knit Sweater 3. Forever21 Open Knit Sweater 4. Billabong Liv For Love Sweater 5. Forever21 Cropped Open-Knit Sweater 6. Theory Tollie B Open Knit Sweater 7. Rag&Bone Vicky Sweater 8. Donna Karen Cutout-Shoulder Open-Knit Sweater 9. Helmut Lang Brushed Viscose Pullover

Stay Fabulous,
xoxo Aimee 


  1. just to let you know i've nominated you for the Liebster Award! absolutely love your blog!


  2. The picture n.5 is very nice


  3. I would love to learn how to sew and make my own clothes!


  4. I love 3 and 9, so cute and comfy!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. I only wish I had the talent and the patience to knit!

  6. awesome post!
    love the pics!

    Angela Donava

  7. i love knit wear! i think it's awesome if you can do it yourself.

  8. Those are my favorite too especially in SF spring. They're perfect!


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  9. I used to know how to knit. I should really start up again though. I also should learn how to sew so I can fix my shirts when I get holes in them. I love wearing light linen sweaters in the summer at night.

  10. I tried knitting in my home ec class in middle school and it was so hard! I should've learned from my grandma--she can make just about anything!


  11. I love knit sweaters - I wear them all the time! In fact, I wear them so much I`ve always wished I could make my own... my grandma tried to teach me to knit but sadly, I was totally hopeless at it :(


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