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There is something about the beginning hints of Summer that make me long for boardwalks, nautical prints, and vintage.

"vintage print" "Atlantic City Boardwalk" "Summer""pin-up" "vintage" "boardwalk"

...A turn of the 20th century boardwalk basically comes to mind. And with a new season of parties and lazy beach days we need a new fragrance (for guys too!). 

Luckily, as soon as I found West Third Brand I knew it was perfect with its chic vintage labels, fantastic fragrances, and smart fragrance names. And made in the USA. "Its founder Michael Loring-Probst has defined the brand by intuition, assembling ideas and aesthetics of vintage Americana with a fine weave of European splendor."

"body sprays" "West Third Brand" "vintage" "fragrances" "summer"
" Layer several fragrances and make it uniquely your own."

These body sprays combine more masculine scents like tobacco and musk with more feminine scents of peony and jasmine. 
The fragrances are pretty gender neutral beyond the typical associations folks have. However if you're looking for a masculine scent I'd try the Marché de Tabac or the Old Bourbon. 
 -West Third Brand

Everything is done by hand including the bottling/labeling. The "juice" is crafted in small batches, which takes lots of patience.
Reading the long list of West Third Brand's fragrances I want to try them all. And because of the lightness of these body spray fragrances, they even suggest layering your favorite fragrances to create your personal scent. 

If the scents themselves didn't sound so deliciously fabulous, their names definitely do. Their Société de Senteur (Sweet Company) collection is my vision of fun and flirty days on a 20th century boardwalk exactly. Fragrances include 
  • "7 Heartbreaks" a citrus and floral blend and even hints of fruit, chocolate, and amber
  • "Ropes & Sails" a citrus, grapefruit, and sandalwood combination 
  • "Woodstock" a sandalwood, cedar, musk, and vanilla perfume
And their Liberté collection is so patriotic and all-American with "Amérique", "Old Bourbon", and "Vintage Leather". After the summer ends (can you even imagine fall yet?) I think "Tea Room" from their Smell. Good. Daily. collection will be my go-to daily scent with its floral and ylanglang hints.

All of the locations that currently hold the brand are listed on their Stocklist including quite a few locations in Japan or you can order any of their fragrances on their site for US $32.

Which fragrance is your favorite? Would you mix different scents to create something unique? 

Stay Fabulous,
xoxo Aimee 


  1. Wow! I would like the 7 Heartbreakers fragrance. Fruit and chocolate! I'm so there. HAHAHA Thanks for telling us about these.

  2. Great review on these fragrances, sounds really good.

  3. I know I am looking for a nice retro cut bathing suit, you know one cut a wee bit lower on the bottom so you know so you don't have to do so much work!! Ahem. These are hard to find. I do have two though.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  4. I love this! Great review! Those fragrances sound really pretty and light. I would definitely rock "Ropes & Sails"!

    My fragrance right now is Heaven by Gap. So good. :D

    Mostly Lisa

  5. Great review dear, "7 Heartbreaks" sounds wonderful!!


  6. WOW! I don't think I have ever looked soooo deeply into fragrances... your post truly inspired me to develop a sense to what takes place when developing a perfume/cologne! I am a color and paper person and I grateful to you to developing a more scentsy side to life! xoxo, mariana {sparkyourprint.blogspot.com}

  7. Adorable retro designs and bottles...
    Kisses from Miami,

  8. The design is fantastic..
    If you want, visit my blog and let me know..


  9. cute blog! <3

    visit my blog and join my giveaway! :) thanks doll :*


  10. Thanks for sharing! I always love to try new fragrances!
    and thanks for the lovely comment. I'm following you on bloglovin, google+, facebook and instagram. I hope you follow me back to keep in contact.


  11. What a cool brand! They're labels are seriously awesome. I would buy the fragrances just to display the bottles.

  12. So nice!


  13. Love your post! (:

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!

    Have fun!

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  15. These sound amazing. I LOVE gender neutral scents. Some of them are my absolute favorites.

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