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Hey Fashionable Guys&Girls!

Fashion shows and photo shoots require a whole team of people from the designers, models, photographers, to runway producers (and more), but to complete the designers' or phototographers' visions, hair and makeup artists are essential. I was lucky enough this week to interview makeup artist, Jacklyn "Sunshyne" based out of Chicago. She has worked at fashion shows, photo shoots, weddings, in print, film, and tv.

"To mimic a look is easy but creating your own is the true test of Makeup Artistry."
-Jacklyn "Sunshyne"

What is your personal favourite makeup product?

Right now it would have to be my NARS Happening Palett;, the convenience of having my fave blush ("orgasm") and bronzer ("Laguna") plus 4 shadows is pretty amazing!!! 

Do you have a favourite makeup brand?

I can't really say I have one favorite brand!! But my top 5 now are: 

1. Make Up For Ever
2. Cinema Secrets
4. Laura Mercier
5. MAC

What has been your best drugstore beauty buy?

haha... I'm addicted to Maybelline mascara! I have tried different brands of mascara to inexpensive to very costly and I always end up with a tube of Maybelline mascara. 

You have such an impressive resume; did you study to become a makeup artist or are you self-taught?

Mainly self taught, but I continue to take classes and workshops to stay on top of the latest trends and pro tips. In this industry you can never learn too much or know everything! There's always something new happening.. 

How long have you been a makeup artist?

It's been a total of 5+ years, but 2 professionally. 

photographer:  Jude S-R
makeup artist:  Jacklyn "Sunshyne"
hair stylist:  Karla Mendez-Meraz
fashion designer:  Bryan K Osburn
leather designer:  PRSVR
stylist:  Joanne Silatei
accessories:  Bryan K Osburn & Joanne Silatei
jewelry:  Bryan K Osburn
creative director:  Sue Yan
models:  Antoinette Klimek, Natalie Bryant
Check out her full portfolio on her website.

Stay Fabulous,
xoxo Aimee 


  1. What a fabulous interview! NARS has really been coming out with some fabulous makeup. Love MAC! Maybelline does have great mascara.

    1. Thanks Kim I appreciate the feedback! :)

  2. My favourites are Make up Forever, too, their products are to die for! Awesome interview <3

    Lots of love,

    1. Many thanks!!! MUFE products are amazing! Love, lovee their vibrant shadows!!!!

  3. Great interview. I only use Maybelline Mascara too - love it!
    Love that first picture and so wish I could wear red lipstick.


    1. Pia- Maybelline mascara rocks!! and very inexpensive compared to other brands.. Thank you, I am glad you all liked my answers... And YOU can wear red lipstick, you just have to find the perfect shade for you!! It does take a little getting used to, because it is a very vibrant color... But definitely go search for the perfect shade of red, RED lips is here to stay... ;)

  4. Wow love her work!! so beautiful and she seems so down to earth. Thanks for sharing!!! :)

    1. Awwww thank you so much Milu!! I definitely try to stay as humble as I can and also be a positive influence on upcoming makeup artists... I do have a lot of my work on my facebook: Jsunshyne Mua and my instagram: JSUNSHYN3
      Thank you for the feedback!! ;)

  5. Her work is amazing, great interview dear!!!!

    1. Thank you so much Jenny!!! I am glad you all liked it... I really do try to make sure that I'm not just dropping name brands, I use everything I say for myself and for my clients... And I am definitely not afraid to say that yes I do use inexpensive products... Many Thanks again... :)

  6. Oooo I never heard of Cinema Secrets but I love the name I am going to check them out.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

    1. Ali- Cinema Secrets foundation I must say is definitely amazing!!! I wear it year round and works well even in warm/hot weather... It's very light and easy to apply...

  7. Great interview! I'll have to check out that NARs palette she talks about. It sounds awesome.

    1. Sam, that NARS palette is AWESOME and convenient!! 4 shadows plus my fave blush and bronzer! definitely saves spaces when i travel or just in my purse.. ;) glad you liked the interview...

  8. so fun that you get to do interviews! ^^


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