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We always have our phones out. Checking emails, text messages, and newsfeeds. Especially Instagram- constantly going through the past four hours of activity, closing the app, double checking a minute later... ok, maybe that's just me.

So, our phones are a daily accessory and of course phone cases are the perfect way to personalize them.  And what's better than super cute phone cases that give back? That's exactly what sisters Kim and Kristen at Kidogo Kidogo do. "Kidogo Kidogo" is Swahili for 'little by little', which is how their phone cases are changing the lives of women in Tanzania.

Only 36% of women in Tanzania have mobile phones. Aside from Facebook and Instagram; phones are flashlights, watches, cameras, weather forecasters, and used for mobile banking transactions, and health reminders. While Kristen was working in development in Tanzania, she saw that despite the expansive benefits, many of the women just couldn't afford them.
For every two Kidogo Kidogo phone cases sold, a phone, SIM card, and cellphone credits are given to a woman in need. Many women say that having a phone also makes them feel safer. The stories of the women Kidogo Kidogo have helped are absolutely touching.
Along with helping these women, they are partnered with FINCA and an eviromental NGO.
We currently have partnered with FINCA, a global charitable microfinance organization, whose mission is to provide financial services to the world's lowest-income entrepreneurs so they can create jobs, build assets, and improve their standard of living. We have also partnered with an environmental NGO in Tanzania, Sea Sense. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the sea turtle case will be distributed to Sea Sense who works closely with coastal communities in Tanzania to conserve and protect endangered marine species. 
I've been using the 'Little by Little' and 'Up and Away' cases and adore them! They feel great and are really light. The explanations about each case on their website are super fun too. The print on the 'Little by Little' case is of the baobab tree, "known as the tree of life". " provide[s] shelter, clothing, food, and water for the animal and human inhabitants in the savannah regions of Africa." And the cute little bird on the "Up and Away" case is the Southern Carmine Bee-Eater. At just $30 each; it might be hard not to just buy them all. 
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  1. i'm all for a great cause! this is awesome and will be so helpful! thanks for sharing.

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