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Last Friday I was able to attend Mongol's AW15 show at Lincoln Center. This was the collection's debut since it began in 2005. It was so gorgeous and I was in love with the innovative ways different textiles were used. Velvet, fur, and vinyl were used through the collection. The colour scheme was as eclectic as the fabric in deep burgundy, gold, pink, purple, and teal. Many of the looks were paired with beautiful intricate headpieces as well.

The show opened in the dark as a man played a solo on a Morin Khuur, Mongolia's national instrument, a bit like a violin with two strings (listen to one here). Then it merged with EDM and the lights turned on for the show! It was really beautiful and a really nice way for the designer to share her culture and modern fashion designs.

Designer, Bayarmaa Bayarkhuu, has traveled Asia, America, and Europe which inspires her deisigns greatly. She actually has a degree in business and finance so when she's not designing she runs her father's company too. 

The collection is inspired by a combination of traditional Mongolian costumes, urban casual style and an entrepreneur lifestyle mixing tradion and luxury with casual comfort. The ready-to-wear line incorporates sleek wearable pieces with Mongolian lamb fur lined outerwear, cashmere, a special material from Mongolia, is used to create glossy hues with added sparkle bold colors such as turquoise, amethyst, sapphire, and emerald, accentuate the raw materials used, keeping the essence of Mongolia.


Stylist: Bolormaa Bayarkhuu, Casting: Vadim, Music Performance: Bilguun & Ashit, Hair: Warren-Tricomi,
Makeup&Nails: Voodoo, Jewelry: Mongol, Handbags: 3Seven&8

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  1. Great eyewear from what I can see. Thanks for sharing.

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