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I've been using Oscar Blandi pronto dry shampoo for awhile and while it does work well and smells nice, it is a powder so it needs to be worked in quite a bit to blend out the whiteness. So today I decided to go out and get DryBar (the blowout mecca) Detox Dry Shampoo spray. This also comes in brunette-- I'm not sure how that one measures up, but this review might be helpful in considering the consistency and scent of DryBar's dry shampoo line. So I got the 'original' one for my natural gold blonde hair. 

DryBar writes "Prolong your blowout! Absorbs oils and leaves your hair feeling clean, light, and full." While I don't get blowouts I do have naturally curly/lions mane/wavy hair which I will sometimes straighten. Since my hair is light, oil shows fairly soon after washing it, more so during the hot and humid summer days. I wash my hair every 2-3 days and use dry shampoo on the days I don't wash.

Packaging: I love their simple baby blue bottles with darker silhouettes of a bar and blowdryer. So cute. The blue packaging reminds me of Aveda Smooth Infusions and Victoria's Secret Surf Days. This is would totally chic on my bling&beauty display tray (Instagram before product display). 

Scent: This smells amazing! I like the scent as much as I like the oil absorbency. The fresh, airy, clean, and slightly floral scent was the first thing my sister and I noticed. It's like a perfect summer perfume.

Application: The aerosol applied the dry shampoo much easier than a powder. I've found that shaking powder out usually ended up getting on my clothes or the floor and some areas of my roots would get way too much which was hard to work in. With the spray you can get all of your hair quickly and focus the spray where you wanted it. 

Instant Results?: After blending it with my fingers for a couple minutes, the spray noticeably absorbed all the oil from my hair and made it look natural and clean. 

Final Verdit: This was a great purchase and I'll likely re-buy. This will cut down on the time it takes to get ready on non-wash days without sacrificing appearance. 

Stay Fabulous,
xoxo Aimee 


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