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1. Wallace Carothers 2. Emporio Armani Women Long Sleeve Shirt 3. Ralph Lauren Phoebe Stretch Shift Dress 4. Ralph Lauren Men's Treeline Anorak

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Hey Fashionable Guys&Girls!

I am sort of a geek about clothing materials and love seeing what my favorite pieces of clothing are made of. One of the most common synthetic fibre materials is Nylon (others being polyester and elastane/spandex).

It is part of the synthetic polymer family of polymides- you may see polymide listed on labels instead of nylon.
Science Facts: Denisty- 1.15 g/cm3; Electrical conductivity- 10−12 S/m; Thermal conductivity- .25 W/(m-K); Melting Point-  463-624 K/190-360 °C/374-663 °F [source].

It was produced by Wallace Carothers in 1935 and used  commercially for toothbrushes. It's use as an alternative to silk was really helpful when silk was harder to get during World War II. Nylon could be used in parachutes, protective vests and in tyres. Today nylon is also used in carpets, musical instrument strings, rope, hair combs, and of course clothing.

DuPont developed and patented Nylon 6-6.  It's used in automobile parts that require high strength and heat resistance. Paul Schlack then developed Nylon 6 to copy Nylon 6-6 as closely as he could without violating DuPont's patent. It is one of or the most common nylon, though Nylon 6,6 is the highest quality commercially produced nylon. Nylon 6 is used in automobile production as well as toothbrushes, string instruments, ropes, and tights and other clothing.

In clothing, nylon is durable, elastic, light, easy to wash, fast to dry, and keep their shape (great for holiday). Of course, the clothes needs to look good too. Emporio Armani's womens long sleeve shirt, 20% polymid, in both black and white is a staple everyone should have in their closet. Ralph Lauren's womens Phoebe Stretch Shift dress from their Blue Label is 25% polymid is super chic in aviator navy. And from Ralph Lauren's Mens nylon&down jackets, the Treeline Anorak is totally cool and preppy made with 35% nylon.

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