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Sean O'Pry kind of fell into modeling, but has become a top model in his own right (+ some luck, fantastic genetics, great personality...). And one whose cheekbones and blue eyes have captured our attention in campaign ads and runways around the world. #1 model on's Top 50 Male Models and #2 model on their Money Guys list, hottie Sean O'Pry has come a long way since he was discovered by Nole Marin on myspace. After posting photos from his Kennesaw Mountain High School prom at age seventeen in 2006, Sean has modeled for many designers including Calvin Klein, Belstaff, Armani, and Coach. He stays fit (check out those biceps!) playing American football, golf, and lacrosse. 

In an in-depth interview in 2009 with BlackBook Magazine, Sean shared his geeky side saying that he also liked reading- not magazines though, unless there was "an article to explain why they took the picture" and planned to go to college, possibly majoring in marine biology. However; this past December, he told JustJared that he didn't know what he would be doing if he wasn't modeling. Though solo at the moment; he also wants to get married and have kids in the future.

Acting may also be in his future. He is listed on the cast list for the 2009 action drama Innocent (aka Helix) on imdb, but for now he is focusing on modeling.


You realize that when you're different behind the camera, you make something look completely different. You could take a pair of pants and you could put them on anyone, and it would take a whole new form. I think you can make fashion your own, and that's a great thing.
My least favorite thing is the perception that if you're a male model, you either take your clothes off for everything, or you're gay. And I mean, some people are and some people do, but I don't like that perception. When you hear these perceptions -- let's say in a blog -- when people who don't even know you decide things about you, that's the thing I don't like. The good thing about the job is that I have not met one bad person in this industry so far. Everyone I've worked with has been great. I've learned so many things, and the travel.
I was dating a girl for two and a half years, so I never really got into the dating scene since I've been here. I spend most hours of the day in my apartment. I'm here for my job, I do my job and that's all I really do. I'm quite boring.
I don't think anyone  thinks he 's boring though. 

stats found  at [source]

If those photos, his cheekbones, and beautiful blue eyes weren't enough:

Sean O'Pry, male model
Behind the Scenes at Billy Reid's Spring 2013 show.

Sean O'Pry, male model
Ferragamo Autumn/Winter 2013/14.

Sean O'Pry, male model
Armani Jeans Autumn/Winter 2012/13

FashionTV has also been following Sean's runway shows on his f.people top model page. Though his appearance in Madonna's "Girl Gone Wild" video is some tough competition for his runway walk. ;)

Of course the hottest male model always looks hot- 'like' his offical facebook page  and follow on instagram @seanopry55 so you never miss a photo. 

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ps. It's time for a close-up behind the camera next week.


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