Crinoline and Cage Skirts

Happy (almost) Friday!

So I saw 'cage dresses' on polyvore (love that site). I recently got to wear a cage hoop skirt for a show, so the cage dresses sounded really cool.

Other than the Chromat Full Cage Dress, the cage trend is really more cutouts that look similar to the lattice of strings and hoops in the full cage hoop skirts or crinoline. I think the Chromat one would be fantastic under or over a dress and much more wearable so it's a great modern twist on a crinoline. With some cutouts, both the edgy black Shakuhaci Cage Bustier Dress or sweeter neon pink Commotion Cage Dress  are fantastic. Don't forget sunscreen- those would be some weird tan lines.

While the awessome trending cage dresses aren't as elaborate as the crinoline skirt, I read a bit about the skirt's history anyway...

  • 1830- originally meant stiff fabric of horse hair and cotton
  • 1850- referred to the structured skirts made from the material
  • Not first skirt structure though, farthingale and panniers were first
  • 1946- first hoop skirt patent from David Hough Jr.
  • 1858- patent for latticed string and hoop skirt from IRJ Mann

What do you think of this nod to old cage skirts? They look much easier to sit in!

Stay Fabulous,
xoxo Aimee


  1. They are very cool looking, but they're not really something I would wear. I like a little more coverage on my top half.

  2. Those are seeeexy! Love the cut outs. Can't get away with it personally, though. Too white. ;) haha

    Jules of Canines & Couture

  3. Those would be weird tan lines! Interesting post. Could you imagine wearing a crinoline in 100 degrees? Oh boy!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  4. Love to see the history of these!


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  5. The Fashion Museum in Bath has some vintage cages for under you dress, I dont know about sitting down but must have been a relief when these were invented - before that you just had to wear 50 petticoats - must have been so HOT.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.


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