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Happy Monday Belles&Beaux

Last week I was reading Teen Vogue and saw this--

I have been trying to get used to denim-on-denim and overalls (since it looks like both will be around for awhile), but I'm still not totally on board. Tilda Lindstam makes the overall trend look really cool though. I don't think anyone is wearing a jacket, tights, and beanie right now, but I think the lace underneath is cute so it could easily be worn now (sans the extra pieces) or in the fall (as shown).

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Have you always been into the denim overall return or are you still unsure like me?

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  1. They can be really cute when styled right!

  2. I have been seeing overalls pop up more and more, but I must say I probably will not be embracing this trend. It reminds me too much of elementary school.

  3. I like them, but i don't own a pair yet!!!

  4. I have seen the over thing done cute. Bur it is not the easiest thing to pull off for sure.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  5. They look cute on these girls but not sure I would be able to pull it off.
    Last time I owned a pair I bought them at Gap for Kids (a long time ago)!



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