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Happy Monday Belles&Beaux!

I spend more on clothes and would rather buy more shoes than accessories (even though I spend a ton of time dreaming of Tiffanys), but one accessory I have a pretty big collection of is headbands. I don't remember when I started wearing them and whether it was before or after watching Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl. I do know that this accessory- like sunglasses- is one that I need to try on whenever I'm at the store.

Above are my biggest flower and bow headbands. I wore the black and white flower headband to one of my very first fashion events. I get them from pretty much everywhere- drugstores, the mall, boutiques, and fairs. I just got the navy and black bow headbands (in the middle) at the State Fair this weekend for so cheap. I think the rest are a mix of drugstore and boutique finds. And of course they're pink, navy, and black, like most of my closet haha.

Another headband I have, not included above, is a pink metal crown that ties in the back with ribbon from the renaissance fair. It's so great since you can wear it both as a crown and headband and the ribbon is so cute if you tie it over your hair- maybe braiding it in would be a fun idea. It's not floral but crowns are on-trend right now and it would be really easy to just add your own flowers when you wanted.

When I want something more simple than giant flowers and bows I have a few thinner headbands like the two below.

Are you a headband junkie? Which stores do you think have the cutest?

Stay Fabulous,
xoxo Aimee

Disclaimer: When my sister saw this post she pointed out I have a lot of accessories besides my headbands, guess that's for another post.. ;) 


  1. Oh yes! I can wear a headband out! HAHAHA I have really short hair right now, but when it was longer I wore braided ones like the ones you have above. Then I have plain ones. I try to keep it simple, because I'm so tall. So I don't want a lot on the top of my head. HAHAHAHA Great post!

  2. I love headbands and all things like that :))) So fun!! Thanks for popping by my blog, do come again. Have a great week doll xx

  3. i used to wear headbands all the time but now not so much. they give me a headache! haha

  4. Headbands are great! I'm actually a fan of Jennifer Oullette's collection.

  5. I love this photo of your headbands. Hee hee being influenced by Gossip Girl! Why not the clothes were killer! I always LOVED what Sabrina wore.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  6. These headbands are great! I am so jealous, would love to wear these but for some reason I cannot get headbands to work in my hair....even though I have bought several!


  7. In high school, I was practically known for my headbands. I love anything and everything to do with headgear--the bigger the better---so I would wear these in a heartbeat.


  8. Omg I am the same way! I always buy shoes or new clothes over accessories. Except I bought a TON of headbands when Gossip Girl started. I wanted/still want to be Blair or at least have her wardrobe. I even have some of the same headbands as you.

  9. I am the same way. I shop for more clothes and shoes than jewelry. Headbands look amazing, and I need to start buying more.



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