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I'm always totally picky about watches. I can never decide on gold (and then rose or yellow) vs silver or large vs delicate.

Surprisingly I'm lusting after some that aren't even gold or silver. Ryan Beltran, founder of Original Grain, created gorgeous watches influenced by the forests and mountains of Pacific Northwest and the industrialism of trendy Hong Kong.

Original Grain Women's Maple Wood Watch

It's perfect with a diameter of 38mm (1.5in), not being overwhelmingly large or dainty. The soft and light maple wood contrast gorgeously with the heavy black steel. And the stones in place of the numbers are a glam touch.

Maple Wood

I think guys can totally pull off the first watch, but Original Grain also has a more masculine looking version with roman numerals and steel in place of the numbers.

Original Grain Women's Rosewood Watch

Admittedly I've been spending more time on the gold watch side at the jewelry counter lately, but I do like the glossy red Rosewood. Like the Maple wood version, this one comes in a more 'masculine' version with steel in place of the diamonds.

Green Sandalwood

Another with black stainless steel, the Green Sandalwood watch seems much tougher than the either of the Maple Wood ones. The wood looks almost like camo. It could be a classy and small way to add in the military trend, if like me your closet is more suited to glamping. In one photo on Cityblis though, the wood looks a little lighter and shiner.

Original Grain Men's Black on Black Wood Watch

This watch seems to be made of just matte black stainless steel, but it's actually black sandalwood and steel like the previous watch. I thought a LBW (I think little black watch should be a thing) was cool enough, but now I'm kinda in love with it. According to Original Grain, you can only really see the black sandalwood in natural light; "Quite simply put this watch is meant for a Boss."

Now I just have to decide: Maple wood vs Rosewood vs Sandalwood...

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