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Winter is the perfect time to stock up on luxury bath products and hibernate and moisturize til spring break. One of my favourite brands for this is Basin White. They only have two physical stores, one in the Grand Floridan Resort&Spa at Disney World and The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, but their website is organized, clean, and easy to shop on.

They don't use any parabens, alcohol, or mineral oils so all the products are good for you and good for the environment. A win-win for everyone. Plus the fragrances smell amazing! Their collection includes bath bombs, shampoo bars, spa wax, solid perfumes and moisturizers, salt scrubs, and a ton more. 

Some of my favourites are the salt scrubs, soaps, and lip scrubs

Basin White's salt scrubs are a miracle during the winter. It really revives even the driest skin. Immediately after using, your skin feels silky smooth. Keep it by your sink so it's convenient to use after washing your hands. They're $35, but for 0.5 liters that last months of daily use it's a steal.

A few weeks ago I also got two soaps- the Goat's Milk and Egg White. I'm using them as part of my facial routine. The goat's milk evens skin tone and moisturizes, their website says though it does not remove makeup. The egg white soap has high protein which tightens wrinkles and reduces acne. Both are only $6.99 online (though they may vary a few cents in store depending on weight).

Their lip scrubs are made of just four ingredients- all edible- are a delicious way to keep your lips healthy in the winter too. For just $8.99, they beat a lip scrub with ingredients you can't even pronounce.

Right now I have their spa wax and solid perfume on my wish list. 

The spa wax is light a candle; you light the wick, wait for the wax to melt, pour a few drops in your hands and massage on skin to moisturize dry skin. All of Basin White's product packaging is eco friendly and cute, but the spa wax container would be really easy to reuse and great for a DIY. A review on the website suggests lighting the wax when you get in shower so it's ready when you get out. Also for moms-to-be it helps with itchy baby bumps. 

The solid perfumes come in lip gloss like containers. Put a little on your pulse points for a luxurious fragrance all day. 

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  1. I would love to try that spa wax sounds so relaxing and I bet is smells amazing!!! ;) xoxo


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