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Earlier this week I found The Notepasser which I'm basically in love with. I originally found Elizabeth's amazing blog when I stumbled across her post on Trade as One- a subscription box like Birchbox, but full of yummy fair trade foods. Her blog is all about sustainable and ethical living. She also has a section on her website with a list of places you can buy sustainable fashion and beauty products, which got me really inspired to seek out ways to live more sustainably. It's something I had always thought of a little, but her blog reminded me to be more aware and think about the idea more actively. Not that I decided to throw out all my Forever21 accessories or start making my own laundry soap, but having the idea at the forefront of your mind changes how you shop a tiny bit and that's a good start.

Make it Last shared some amazing eco-friendly hair products like shampoo, dry shampoo, and styling products to keep volume or beachy waves. Emma and Lisa started the blog to recognize, report on, and encourage buying sustainable fashion. I totally recommend reading their page on what exactly sustainable fashion is too.

Ethical in Style provides a pretty large directory of ethical brand profiles with interviews and photos from brands themselves.

Current mom-to-be, Jenny, at Little Green Notebook, is an interior designer and fabulous DIY-er. Reusing is a great way to be environmentally friendly in your interior designs like giving a vintage bassinet new life.

Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess also started thinking about sustainable fashion and wrote a fabulous post on finding that balance between consciously buying good pieces, but not completely overhauling your closet and tossing your makeup out. I've been noticing that buying quality over quantity is a major trend in the New Year's resolutions of the fashion bloggers I follow which is a fantastic start.

I think I'll be starting in the same way as Elsie and taking into account what I have in my closet and thinking more about what I'm buying. While I try really hard to think before I buy I think cost and green washing are distracting factors I want to cut out of the decision process.

A good start to living more ethically, with some tips Elizabeth suggested on The Notepasser, might be to brew fair trade coffee (hopefully ground by hand) with a french press, donate clothing, repurpose and reuse things, and shop organically and locally.

Because suddenly switching from a technology dependent lifestyle to zero waste may be a little tricky as my boyfriend pointed out when I showed him a blog on one of the two laptops running next to an iPad and two iPhones, in front of a movie playing on the TV, and the sound of a microwave and washing machine in the background.

These stunning landscape photos of Vermont on Free People's blog are pretty inspirational too.

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