First Impressions | Garnier Skin Renew 5 Sec Blur

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Today I came across this product, Garnier Skin Renew Instant Smoother 5 Sec Blur, in a drugstore beauty haul video on YouTube. While it was only a haul and not review it sounded pretty interesting so I went out and bought it.

And since I had no idea what to really expect from this product I thought it would be a fun idea to share my very first impressions of it. 

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Packaging: I like the bright pink shiny box and the tube itself was sleek and just a bit smaller than a toothpaste tube. Amid all the consumer evaluation survey results, info about their light-reflecting technology, and long list of benefits they were very clear that this is to be used after moisturizer. 

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I had already used my Ursa Major face wash in the morning, but wanted to make sure all of my makeup was completely off and applied my Beyond Belief Refresh and Refine moisturizer.

Application: It didn't come out of the tube was smoothly as I thought it would. I had to blend it in more than I expected. To compare I think it came out a little slower and much less liquid-y as Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Instant Results?: I did notice effects fast, like a medium coverage face primer. It seemed to be a little similar to my Urban Decay green tinted primer in terms of combating my redness areas. I have recently broken out more so the primer did seem to cover well especially because of its matte finish. I think this will be great as it gets hotter this summer because I feel it will help my liquid foundation stay throughout the day.

Verdict: At about $17, I would buy it as a primer again. I do think it had a smooth finish and hid pores. I really can't vouch for its promise to fill lines and wrinkles though (few more years maybe lol).

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