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Happy Weekend Gorgeous Readers!

You can't walk within 10 feet of a Lush boutique without smelling their amazing bath bombs. Unfortunately if you're like me the smell of bath bombs and the relaxing luxurious bubble bath photos on Pinterest don't convince you to fill the tub. I actually don't like baths, but that doesn't mean showers can't be just as luxurious. 

I think the three main parts that make a bath luxe are soft, fragrant, and relaxing. 

First start by removing all of your makeup. A shower doesn't really clean off mascara and foundation very well and you won't feel completely refreshed and clean if you come out of your shower with raccoon eyes.

To get my hair silky soft, I start with a ton of Aveda Smooth Infusion shampoo to get my hair clean after a humid summer day and prevent frizz. Then I brush in TRESemmé Climate Protection conditioner so my hair will dry tangle-free and soft.

During a luxe shower I like to take extra time to shave so there's no cuts or missed spots. I actually love shaving, but I know it takes awhile. It's definitely worth the extra time to feel the instant softness though! Then I use my delicious smelling Pink Coconut oil 2-in-1 Creamy Scrub&Wash all over and finish with Sweet Cici's BodyTreats Toasted Marshmallow Sugar Scrub on my arms, legs, and feet. This scrub is amazing. It smells super sweet and makes my skin feel so soft.

After the shower I apply Bath&Body Works Endless Weekend to my hands and legs for unbelievably soft legs. I mist Pink Coconut Condtioning Hair&Body Oil all over like a light moisturizing perfume. And I keep my hair protected against frizz and split ends by adding Mastey Oil Treatment.

What are your favourite shower products? Leave me a comment below or over on my Facebook page.

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  1. Love this post! Never knew showers could be luxe! <3


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