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Hey Gorgeous Readers!

This week I was inspired by Cupcakes&Cashmere's Copper Clothing Rack DIY. I decided to go with a larger clothing rack however because my current closet had gotten incredibly full. This clothing rack I got actually holds a lot more than I thought it would so I was able to just take enough to declutter my regular closet and still not overcrowd my 'display closet'.

This 'display closet' makes my office look a lot like a walk in closet now. I've been keeping my sunglasses hanging off of shopping bags on my wall for a couple years now and can't imagine storing them anywhere else. It makes it super easy to pick a pair when heading out the door. Then when I'm not wearing them it's a cool display.

My favourite parts of the display are the three shelves on the side for all of my bags. To make sure they stand up I keep them stuffed when I'm not using them. I think this also helps them keep their shape longer. 

On the bottom I just have my new yoga mat, a couple Victoria's Secret bags for cute storage and a little box for my scarves.

Stay Fabulous,
xoxo Aimee


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