Summer Morning Routine!

Hey Gorgeous Readers!

 Even though it's Summer I'm still pretty busy so I keep my morning routine quick and simple. Depending on the day's schedule though I tend to sleep in a little. :)

Of course the first thing is coffee. I love Starbucks even at home so I make one of their dark roasts. I typically go for Italian or French.

Then Lady needs to go for her walk! As cute as she is, she refuses to heel so this usually means she takes me for a walk (or run). After this is breakfast, if Josh makes it (otherwise I drink more coffee and wait a few hours for lunch). And its always too good so I forget to take a photo lol. 

I've started using Victoria's Secret Bronzer this summer. It looks really dark and orange in the tube, but it's really just a gradual bronze. I only use it about once a week, but I only do it in the morning or an afternoon because I don't want it on my sheets. The little shimmer is really pretty too. 

During the summer I don't straighten my hair as often. It's kind of a combination of it being too hot out so I don't want 400 degrees anywhere near my hair, laziness, and the fact that the heat and humidity turn my straight hair to a lion's mane of curls and frizz within 1-5 minutes of being outside anyway. Because of the frizz though I brush my Mastey Oil treatment through my natural curls/waves. It's a mix of argan and olive oil, grapeseed extract and vitamin E so there's a ton of great things to protect your hair, strengthen it, and prevent split ends. I've never colour treated my hair, but it also says it's good for protecting colour. I received it in a gift bag at Fashion Week, but when it runs out (a little goes a long way) I will totally buy another bottle. 

Before I get started on makeup I brush my teeth. Not very exciting lol, but I do this before my makeup regardless of my finishing powder or spray because I still think it washes off my foundation.

Also before my makeup I wash my face with Ursa Major's fantastic face wash (that's actually the name, but I agree). It smells amazing and I love that's it's like an oil consistency, but doesn't make my skin feel oily. And then I moisturize either with my Beyond Belief moisturizer or Lancôme Bienefait Multi-Vital sunscreen cream. I think my Garnier Skin Renew Instant Smoother has reminded me to moisturize more. And that's my last step before I get started on my makeup. I still love it since my First Impressions post.

With a little inspiration from one of my style icons Lauren Conrad ♥ I've been doing a simple bronze-y look lately.

I finish by setting my makeup with my Urban Decay All Nighter spray or Guerlain Météorites powder. Some deodorant, a perfume or body spray, and some lotion and I'm ready for the day! I've been in love with Bath&Body Works Bourbon Strawberry&Vanilla fragrance lately (I got the soufflé, body wash, and body spray)

Stay Fabulous,
xoxo Aimee ♥♥


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