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Hey Gorgeous Readers!

The other day Josh and I decided to check out a park nearby- and while it was a bit of a hike through the trails everything was so pretty. And we saw frogs the size of my thumbnails! 

I dressed super casually because the hike was kind of spontaneous. I wore a white button down over my white tank top and pink bralette and white washed denim shorts.

My leg is still recovering a little from the burn a couple weeks ago. After it's finally healed I think I'll need to get an intense moisturizing body butter. Tape is totally not skin's best friend.

 Off of the rough trails that meandered through the trees there were a few open spots like this cool winding bridge and tree and clearing along the river covered in lily pads. It was definitely a great way to start off August (even though my mind is on Autumn already).

Stay Fabulous,
xoxo Aimee ♥♥


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